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Operation: Launch SGRUB

8 Years Ago

Zaria stared at her computer screen. She hadn't really been doing much all day. She had been waiting for a friend to send her the copy of a game they had developed. Well actually, they had dug it up from some ruins and had been making it into a game for awhile now. Something about saving their species? "damnit! I can't wait any longer!" She said impatiently and logged onto Trollian. Trollian was a new chat client that everyone had been using lately. It was a lot better than the old one. SalamandersClaw [SC] started trolling (enter Trollian user name)   SC: WH4T TH3 H3LL 1S T4K1NG TH1S STUP1D G4M3 SO LONG? 1 THOUGHT 1T W4S M34NT TO B3 1MPORT4NT! >:(   (Trollian):   SC: WH4T 3V3R. JUST HURRY UP WOULD YOU?   SC: 4LSO, 1M ST1LL TH3 L34D3R OF TH3 R3D T34M, R1GHT?   (Trollian)   SC: JUST CH3CK1NG. YOU T3NT TO CH4NG3 TH3 PL4N ON M3 4LL TH3 T1M3   (Trollian)   SC: SHUT UP 4ND S3ND M3 TH3 G4ME >:(   SalamandersClaw [SC] ceased trolling (Trollian)   Zaria sighed. Some people just set her on edge sometimes. She just hoped they would send the game soon.

Re: Operation: Launch SGRUB

8 Years Ago

Yeah, some of my posts may not be split into paragraphs because I'm on mi iPod. When I have access to a computer I'll fix the up :)