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13 Years Ago

Hey everyone! I'm really excited about this idea. I think it's going to be great if everyone is involved. Pretty soon,  I'll create a group contest taht I hope everyone will participate in and we can leave the winners up to member voting, and then we were thinking the winners of these c ontests could be featured in the LitMag. If you guys have any ideas for Lit Mag, you can go ahead and post them on this forum.

In addition, please feel free to post writing that you watn to be reviewed. Please don't overwhelm us all right away with tons of stuff, but maybe ad a couploe of choice pieces. I'll create a second forum thread where we can post what writing we want reviewed (so if you want a specific piece of writing reviewed please go there and follow the format.) Anyway, if you guys have any ideas let us know and hopefully this'll be a great new side of LitMag for everyone.