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2 Years Ago

Ink's dry, What to write? about the pandemic guy, The devil's plight? Claimed so many souls, Within a few days, Alas!Sad endings, Home now set Ablaze. Oh COVID-19, East,west,... you've found a place, A single cough or sneeze everywhere's clean, No one wants you!shattered dreams,so no more dreamchase. Indefinite holidays, Do we really need them? Maybe a month,few weeks or even few days? A good whole term? It hurts, to see our brothers depart from us, Like the bee. Lives now at stake, A reason why we should get closer to Allah, The one whose got the power to put an end to this heart-ache, After hardship comes ease he said,So shoot no wad without making dua. Don't be afraid of death as a result of the COVID, Rather be Afraid of the death upon other than monotheism, Do not die except as a Muslim, He said. Now COVID pack your things,leave forever and never return, you've had enough criticism. 📝Faarooq Ibn Faarooq Aboo Nusaybah Date: Wed,Mar.25 11:00pm

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2 Years Ago

Well spoken, dude