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Moi et Toi (Me and You for the French Imparied:)

16 Years Ago

Ok, so this isn't a challenge as I'm sure you've noticed, or maybe you haven't, because I'm not exactly to the point yet, now am I? ::biggrin::

But for the time being, and every other time, I think we should do something else fun and interesting. <.....Imagine that! ::suprised:: hehe

Ok so here goes...this thread is for all of you members to tell the rest of us something about yourselves. It can be anything, and by that I mean, I repeat ANYTHING! ::drool::
We don't discriminate or hold prejudices here in this group. We're quite accepting of weird habits, birth marks, tattoos in strange-a*s places...you get my drift ::cool::

The catch is my friends, no books written here, in fact each member can only post one time to this thread each day, and in your thread, you can only tell us 5, count 'em FIVE, neat and awesome things about yourself. No cheatin'! ::tongue::

It can preferably be funny, or not, doesn't matter. Like I said, leave your "it has to be this ways" ' s at the door. Hopefully, this will give this group the chance to not only get a little peak inside our clouded minds, but to laugh and joke with one another as well, the funny ppl that we are.

So, I'll kick this thing off and maybe some of you will follow, here goes nothing (oh I�m so scared : ::sad:: ):

1.) I have arachnophobia. If you were to tie me down and put a large spider on me than you should run far, far away, b/c when I get up, (if I didn't already have a heart attack) you are doing to die! haha! ::drool::

2.) My favorite fruit is strawberries. Yum! ::biggrin:: Who's with me?lol

3.) I am an only child. No bro's or sis's bugging me ::happy::

4.) I collect anything dealing with Cinderella, as she is my fav Disney character, and it is my fav story of all time. (You see, I have this complex of wanting to live in a fairy tale and never grow up; I think that's what contributes to this writing thing. And may I say after watching this fairy tale, it puts today's idea of 'love' in a very dim light ::sad::)

5.) And finally five, (for those of you who can't stand me anymore) I was hospitalized for pneumonia when I was six, on Christmas day of all days. I had to stay for a total of three weeks and to this day I hate hospitals, going to one, staying in one, etc...it SUCKED!lol

Now, it's your turn.

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16 Years Ago

Well thats interesting. I'll say that I dont really have arachnaphobia, but I hate spiders.

1. When I buy new socks, I wear them inside out for a few times because it keeps those fuzzies from getting in my toes.

2. When I was in 4th grade, I did 70 situps in one minute.

3. I am a middle child. Sandwiched between two fiery, redheaded sisters.

4. I think The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin are boring and could never understand the hype they got/get.

5. Drinking too much water gives me heartburn.

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16 Years Ago

jess...this is gonna be a hoot...thanks for the bit of entertainment my dear...hard to sum me up in 5...so here goes...

1) do u watch friends? i have a third n****e like chandler. no joke. it looks more like a birthmark now, but 'tis the reason my left is bigger than my right.

2) i'm a complete new orleans freak...no shocker if u know me

3) i'm allergic to morphine, but have at one time or another consumed almost every pain killer imaginable due to ongoing "female" problems, of which i am now an "it" as my husband says.

4) i have 3 tatoos - one of which is my last name - which my husband tried to tell me i spelled wrong...HELLO, how can u mess up L-E-E?

5) i'm totally addicted to BRAVO network. all shows.

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16 Years Ago

I am hesitant to give away too much information about myself... but here goes.

1. I am audio-dyslexic
2. I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him... no, wait. That wasn't me. Sorry.
3. I dated a girl with no spine not because I liked her, but because she was the best Limbo player I had ever seen.
4. When I wear a SPEEDO my butt droops so bad it just says SO across the back
5. I know who Carly Simon was singing about in Your So Vain... it was Alice Cooper. Didn't see that one coming, did you?

KBlade ::cool::

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16 Years Ago

I don't really write humorous things, my writing is humorous at times, at least to my self. I think I'm much funnier in person. I know, funnier isn't a word. whatever. Here goes:

1) I'm a self proclaimed A*****e. I find it easier to admit to it, and it makes it harder for people call you one. "hey man, you're an a*****e." "yeah, i know." see what i mean.

2) I have a strange knack for trying to speak like other people. Like when I read/hear/see about slang terms and such from other cultures I try to adopt them. So I sortof walk around talking like a mid-westerner trying to sound like a cockney, a canadian, and a whole slew of other things.

3) I'm not really OCD, but I have a thing for music, cd's and such. I know you're probably saying, well gosh, everyone does right? I'm literally up to my neck in cd's. My cramped room has rings and rings of those 100 count blank disc things filled to the brim, along with two computer hard drives filled with music, along with two crates of real cd's that I've bought. What's worse is, I've really run out of storage room, so now i have cd's haphazardly laying around all over my house, in my car, under my covers, etc. It's reached epidemic proportions, now I'm stuffing like three cd's into each single cd sleeve. it's actually a little sad, because I' still come upon music I haven't got, and then I say man! I need more cd's. Which in reality, couldn't be further from the truth.

4) Sometimes I have a real kaufman-esque way of trying to be funny. With close friends, I often try to be sarcastic and push their buttons till they get angry. With an air of funness, but it often back fires. I think Most of my relatioships have ended because of this peculiar thing I have. I guess pushing your girlfriend to the brink for kicks isn't the best strategy, haha?

Warning: Shameless plug for my writing ahead! ::mad::
5) I collected a burning hot teargas cannister at the 2003 riots at MSU. IT burned my hand, and I puked and snotted out my nose for 30 minutes. But I have a priceless reminder of sticking it to the man! For no good reason. My apartment, in fact, was ground zero for the entire night, i could see police cars ans squadrons from my window and let me tell you, the windows were not sealed very well, because the tear gas did in fact get in. You should have seen it when the alcohol ran out!
The subject of riots comes into my fictional novel you can find on my profile. FOr the juicy riots, see chapters 4-5. I suggest you start at the beginning. happy hunting.
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16 Years Ago

1) I'm 364 in dog years but am young at heart (is that like childish and immature?).

2) I'm a multi-generational Texan (four generations are buried in one cemetary) who can't wait to leave again (it's too damned hot).

3) I lived in a tipi in the Cascades for 6 months and lived 6 years in a one room cabin with no electricity or running water, four dogs, two cats, and a loving wife (how totally Walden, Dude). Looking back I see it as the best time I ever had and want to go back.

4) I absolutely adore four legged animals and often wish I could change into one at will just for the fun of it (I do howl at the moon and bark along with my dogs. They love it.).

5) I make homemade wine and shine (occasionally) and make the best bar-be-que and hot sauce in the solar system (personal opinion). Meat's not the only thing one can bar-be-que, by the way. Vidallia onions and corn on the cob are great with the smokey flavor.

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16 Years Ago

1) I really am insane, the doctors say so
2) I am funny in my own mind, not that it counts.
3) I can count to five, I just often choose not to do so
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16 Years Ago

1) I really am a dog, yes, that is my actual photograph.
2) The person that invented pop tops on dog food cans was a freakin' genius.
3) I can't verify that Jon Boy is insane, but I believe him.
4) I've never been to Nantucket, but if ever I go, I'm getting a picture of me next to the city limit sign.
5) Using a dew claw to be able to count to five really sucks.

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16 Years Ago

1. M. Fox is my penname. My real name is Theodore Bundy. No seriously, my real name is Dan.
2. My beard is the envy of "men" everywhere who can't grow them, and ranks among the most sought after body parts on the planet.
3. There is a running joke with me and my friends that I hate just about everything (most movies, most music, most TV). If I say I like something you write, take it as a compliment; I don't like a lot of stuff.
4. I sleep completely covered by blankets on my back with my arms folded across my chest.
5. I have a great speaking voice.

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16 Years Ago

Wow, I've certainly learned something about each and every one of you that has replied to this post-but the number one thing I've learned? Y

You're all funny and great! ::biggrin::

Well here goes another five, hope they inspire you to delve further into your private selves ::cool::

1.) Fav color is purple-always has been, always will be ::tongue::

2.) I'm one of those ppl on earth who, by great genes, can roll my tongue.lol

3.) I could eat chicken 24/7 for the rest of my, and I believe I would never tire of it-absolutely frickin' LOVE chicken! ::drool::

4.) I'm a hot-anything fanatic! That's another thing, I frickin' love hot and spicy foods, the hotter the better, and if it involves chicken-watch out, I'm there!

5.) My heritage, (as far as I know) is a mix of English, German and Irish.

So, what's new about your selves? What should I know incase the cops show up at my door?lol ::biggrin::

Just playing folks...;)

Take care.

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16 Years Ago

1. Never wanted kids of my own and probably wont have any.

2. I think the boss' daughter is flirting with me.

3. I've always wanted to attend a taping of The Price Is Right.

4. I dont like reading books...and barely like reading poetry.

5. There is NEVER enough marshmallows in Lucky Charms.


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16 Years Ago

1) I graduated at the top of my class. The other guy got sick.

2) I once romantically pursued Natalie Portman. She later dropped the charges.

3) For years I thought "The Femine Mystique" was a rock band.

4) Jeremiah was a bullfrog. he was a good friend of mine.

5) Pourriez-vous me dire quand je dois descendre

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16 Years Ago

Hey Paul,

Did you mean that last sentence you wrote in French to mean, "Can you tell me when I should 'god down', 'come down', or 'to descend'"? I'm mot sure of your intended meaning here, as this verb can mean many different things. Let me know will you?

Hope all is well your way, as I haven't heard from ya in a while.

Take care friend.

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16 Years Ago

hi Jess, well according to my grossly outdated french guide (keep in mind it was written around the same time as Mary Magdalene secretly arrived on those shores bringing that holy grail business with her, lol) it's supposed to mean "please tell me when to get off." I think it had something to do with taking the subway or bus, but being the sick bugger I am, something more perverted came to mind, lol.
Good thing I didn't get out the hungarain phrasebook I have, that one is even worse, lol.

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16 Years Ago

5 more fun facts about me...

1) I have a knot on my head. My parents used to joke thats where they dropped me, but they can't fool me..that's where another head tried to grow.

2) I have webbed feet...and still cant swim for s**t.

3) People often confess I'm a genius...when they are drunk.

4) I still giggle at the words "boobies". It just sounds so fun..

5) I'd do anything for love but I won't do that (Okay, yes i will, lol)
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16 Years Ago

1. I have blue-grey eyes.
2. I'm a fantastic cook.
3. I've been to Tepotzlan.
4. I believe cell phones are evil.
5. I think accordians are the invention of aliens intended to drive us all mad.

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16 Years Ago

More fun and interesting facts about moi! ::biggrin::

Well, maybe fun...ok, not fun.lol
They�re sure as hell not interesting! ::tongue::

1. Personally, I can't stand when ppl snap there gun very loud, such as in movie theaters, etc. I just want to run up and snatch it out of their mouths and then slap them, if only to get my point across more effectively::biggrin::

2. When this semester is over with, I will have all the classes I need to obtain my minor in French:) Bon pour moi! ::drool::

3. I hold my father to such a high place in my life that is quite hard to describe.

4. Prob., my most favorite actor is the ever-changing Mr. Johnny Depp.

5. I used to wear glasses, and then contacts, but a few years ago I had Lasik eye surgery. ::cool:: <....yeah, that's what I looked like coming out of the surgery!lol

I just want to take this time to say to my fellow clowns, that I have love for you all. All of you have made me laugh, smile, giggle, and otherwise grab my funny bone in pain.lol And I want to thank you all for being part of this group, and I have really enjoyed learning more about you as 'people', so keep these five things coming! ::biggrin::

If you can't count to five well, trop pis pour vous! lol

(Nah, I'm just playing. I'll help you! ::biggrin:: )

*Puts up here fingers...
"Ok, one....two...."

-Jess ::biggrin::