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Introduction and Welcome

11 Years Ago

My name is Crystal Kelly. I am a writer and have been for more than several years. I have no formally published works yet I still refer to myself as a writer.  The mistake I hear many writers saying is that they are aspiring writers yet they write. Aspiring means you are trying to complete something you have not. Therefore if you are writing you are not aspiring you are a writer; own the title, live the title, it’s yours.
My goal as a writer is to inform, encourage, make you smile, sometimes cry, touch your heart with things unforgettable and last to be a movement that helps to move others. The industry of writing has plenty of space. I pray and hope that we all can share the knowledge we have acquired through experience whether good or bad with each other. The goal of this newsletter is to do all of the above. I hope you find the resources here helpful and profitable as you continue in your careers.