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11 Years Ago

I know as a writer it is so important to connect in the field. The writing field is so broad and has so many opportunities. Many times a writer has more dreams than accomplishments. Though this is true in many cases it is not always at the fault of the writer. There is never a lack of resources writers are not always aware of the many resources that are actually available to them. Today many writers are classified as “the struggling writer” trying to make ends meet. This title will always be around but maybe, just maybe the information I post here will pull you out of that title. Remember to have information and use information are two totally different things. The information must be used in order to work.
So here are a couple of Resources that will help you connect and be informed in the field: this organization is run by Hope C. Clark. This site is intended to The latest news on contests, scholarships, grants, jobs etc; is a site that connects authors and readers together. This site has published that can give you guidance towards your end goal. is a site dedicated to posting freelance jobs for writers; is a foundation providing funds for writers with families. This is deadline oriented so log on right away to check out the details; this is a site dedicated to writers and their work here you can bid for jobs as well as sell your written articles.
I really hope these resources prove to be helpful to you.