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This Little House Of Mine

15 Years Ago

It has been over three years now since I found 'this little house of mine.' A sign in the front yard announcing that it was looking for a new owner to love it. A cottage style home with leafy green iron trim and steps leading up to the front porch that leads into the friendly sunny front room adorned with warm lighting and colorful furnishings. A place family and friends can come to visit and celebrate special times in life. There is a back yard with trees waving in the breeze, colorful singing birds, scampering squirrels and lush green grass for grandchildren to run and play.

It is a safe haven when evening nears. Warm lighting with a glow of promise for a relaxing evening. There is a happy little cheerful cat named Daisy that greets me at the door when I enter after a long day. She is full of excitement as I greet her with a chuckle and cheerful voice reassuring her I am just as happy to see her.

This little house brings me solice from a world outside that does not feel too friendly at times. Comfort and peace, a place to dream of things to come! 


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