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Seasons of life

15 Years Ago

Many days have come and gone. The days of autumn are glorious, with it's golden leaves falling to the ground where the dove and squirrels frolic as they forage for seed and the seasons nuts falling from the many pecan trees with their branches waving in the wind and the whispers of their majesty of half bare limbs.

Autumn is a time of relaxation for some and much busy work for others. The aroma of musty soil and moist leaves fill the air. The growth of plants have slowed down preparing for cooler days. Days are shorter as the sun sets earlier in the evening bringing on a more relaxed time as the days end. All this in comparison with ones life in the aging years. In our minds still frolicking thoughts of years gone by when life felt as if it would last forever. Many hopes and dreams for the future all to be shattered by broken promises of others. Even though these do exist, the glimmer of new hope and beauty for the future and joys still exist. The promises of the plans our creator has for us, the hope and future He has promised. We have to trust in the unforseen future, the faith and promise of the future we look for. As the hands of father time tick away, we strive for a better today. Holding onto what is true and pure, not giving way to saddness that comes and goes as days and seasons come and go. Holding onto a better tomorrow as our faith soars toward the blue sky and the rays of sunshine we look to as the clouds of our emotions will change. Flowers will bloom again and new leaves will grow on the trees as will our hope for new adventures and possibilities we can't begin to imagine.  


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