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Help With School Newspaper!

7 Years Ago

Hi everyone,

I am a member of the K12 HS Creative Writing Club (obviously) and also I'm working along with your fellow classmates with producing the CAVA (California Virtual Academies) Gazette! Each month members of our journalist class are told to produce two articles that are to be read and considered for placement in the paper. I have been working on two articles in which I would appreciate if I could have student input in them. Once you reply to this post I'll use your response in my paper (if you choose). Also, I can site you as my source in one of three ways:

1. "Blah blah blah," Says *your name* from *insert your school*
2. "Blah blah blah," Says student who wishes not to be named
3. "Blah blah blah," says *insert your WC user name here*

That way I don't infringe on anyone's privacy like name and school, the choice is yours. Anyway, their are two articles that I'm working on (see below) you can choose either one or both to reply to. Thanks so much for the help and support!

Article #1
"Is Facebook Addiction For Real?"

Are you a Facebook user?

  Studies have shown that the most frequent of facebook users are addicted to it and dread the fact of loosing or gaining a single friend. Furthermore, with the site getting more than six million visitors every three months and is the second most visited site in the world some believe it's true.  

Do you agree? Why or why not?
If you do agree, what do you think people should do to get away from their addiction?
If you don't agree, why do you think people make such inferences?
(Disclaimer: Please don't share your Facebook names in this thread I really want to keep everything with school policy)

"Stress In K12, What to Do"
Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with schoolwork from the K12 program?
How do you think it comes about? 
How do you over come it?

-Desiree B.

P.s. the reason why I am doing this is to place your voice (the student body) in the paper in which I've gotten approval for. Also if you feel uncomfortable answering the questions through the thread feel free to mail them through the WC database.
P.s.s. Check out some of my writing pieces if you have the time! I appreciate all criticism. :)

Re: Help With School Newspaper!

7 Years Ago

Article #1:

I do not have a Facebook, but I do believe that people get addicted to the internet, that's the point of it being a "web"- You can't get out of it. I know people who have Facebook, and will literally be in the same room playing status games with each other. It's the same as any other social networking site, it is built to keep your attention. My best suggestion for getting over the addiction is to handle it in moderation, don't take it on every device you have, only use it on one device (most logically your desktop), so you aren't constantly distracted by it.

Article #2:

I do get overwhelmed with my schoolwork sometimes, it's usually from lack of organization. I power my way through my daily lessons, and on the weekend, I take a deep breath and set up a schedule to get back on track. It gets stressful sometimes, even when you are on track, but you have to take a step back and look at everything in perspective.

You can show my name if you'd like. Teralyn E. Grade 10 - CAVA. <-- Me.

I was wondering, are students who don't take Journalism allowed to post to the paper? I was in Journalism (Mrs. Forbey) my 1st semester of HS, but they didn't start the paper to 2nd Semester. :P

**Side-Note: Make sure you edit your articles before sending them in. :) That's not what this post was about, so I won't point anything out. 

Re: Help With School Newspaper!

7 Years Ago

Originally posted by Teralyn E.
I was wondering, are students who don't take Journalism allowed to post to the paper? I was in Journalism (Mrs. Forbey) my 1st semester of HS, but they didn't start the paper to 2nd Semester. :P

I think the only way to be able to post an article to the paper is to be apart of the journalism class and to have taken it for one semester in the past. And thanks for your reply! :)