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12 Years Ago

Welcome to Love of the Shinobi. I'm Ingrit, but you can call me Neeeks.


We welcome all forms of Naruto writings; All pairings are welcome, any form of incest, yaoi, and yuri. We don't discriminate here, and we don't flame others writing. We're always willing to gives some reviews, and we don't waste your time with reviews that say, "I love it!" or "Can't wait for the next chapter!". Here, we give helpful advise, and we're honest when doing so. If some of the reviews seem harsh, we apologize. We're not trying to insult you, just help you progress with your writing.


Don't be afraid to post your writing or to ask for advise on your stories. We all have our writers block moments. Especially me. There are times when I go months without writing, but I usually help my friends with their stories which helps me gain new ideas for mine. When you have one of those moments when you can't get anywhere, feel free to ask. We'll help.


Here, we'll read your work, review and critic, and help you come up with new ideas. Everyone writes the same thing. We can help your writing be different, but only if you let us.