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My Message in a Bottle

8 Years Ago

To the man I love:I know you think your not good enough for me, because you feel you cannot provide for me. But my heart it aches for you and my soul talks to you. Each and every night, that I am here and you are so far away. I cry myself to sleep and I awake with this never ending ache in my stomach because I cannot hold you and make you understand. The only thing that matters to me is how I sleep alone each night because you are away from me. If somehow my message reaches you I hope you will find a way to over come your pride and let your heart just love me and let that be enough for you. Because it will always be enough for me. xoxo Forever in my heart.  [email protected] love "the beautiful butterfly"  

Re: My Message in a Bottle

8 Years Ago

aww this made me cry! reminds me of my favorite movie, Where the Heart Is. GO AFTER YOUR MAN! lmao <3