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4 Years Ago

What is gravity? gravity is the magnetic pull of anything at all. We like to discuss it in terms of space but in actuality, it can be applied in alot of areas. The thing I wanted to discuss today though was the fact that gravity is present all the time whether it be super strong or not, we are being pulled in a certain direction. There is an ever present vacuum, we are in the middle of a blackhole called space because in space, there is no air which thus creates this big vacuum. In which direction are we being pulled, in every direction. This is just on the biggest scale; now if we come down  to our individual lives, there is an ever present vacuum pulling us in all directions at once. Since metaphorically there is no air(people constantly in your face and all around you can be a form of suffocation) in space(all those people surrounding you),this creates a vacuum(peoples agendas for you or period etc) that pulls you in all directions(360 degrees). This is why we fight for our stability and the ability to be ourselves in this type of world.