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12 Years Ago

      Warning: This Book is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

      When Sahel Newsom finds himself in a hospital he is torn apart because he has just left what was a park, filled with other kids, toys, and his best friend in the whole world. But, now he is wide awake, and lost in a memory that might of never even happened. He's bent on searching for the truth of what happened to him and his best friend Sam. While being a part of a horrible medical study on mentally ill kids.
     Locked behind the walls of the hospital, and the images from his past, he only knows one way to get out of this... But, will the doctor's trap him in an endless nightmare for the rest of his life?
     Brought to you by the author of Life & Death, and Schizophrenic Poetry ~ S. D. Blankenship -- comes one of the most horrifying stories since Stephen King's Pet Cemetery.
    "Do you have schizophrenia?"
    "We all are just a little schizophrenic, even the doctor's are schizoid."
S. D. Blankenship's
© 2012 S. D. Blankenship
 Featured Review
I have read two chapters and will continue to do so... This is a gut wrenching read! It's almost too difficult to get through because the content is so fully explicit. The violence is so raw and vivid.- it is a Plethora of Schizophrenic proportions. Heartbreaking!! but great write! Posted 4 Months Ago
Twisted tale, you really "go there" where other writers wouldn't which makes it even better to read, your real talented keep it up. Cant wait to read the next chapters in this book :) Posted 2 Months Ago
 ~Victoria Poetry-bunny
Great vocabulary, and an open view to sick scenes in the world, greatly written in detail in these chapters, that tugged me into each sentence. Posted 3 Months Ago.