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Introduce yourself

15 Years Ago

Hello:  I'm Rachael. 

After I finished my novel, American Clique, I proceeded to look for all the other authors like me, who had written a lengthy paranormal romance that has nothing to do with vampires and werewolves.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I believe that when there is a failure in the spirit, it manifests itself in the flesh.  Thus, I've written about psychic vampires--they steal spiritual essences, but only in the spirit realm. 

My novel is 120K and is about a group of telepathic teens attending a prototype school.  The school boasts the most promising students of the city, but also its rejected 'scum.'  My mc reveals to others the spiritual wickedness that goes on around them, protects her new emotionless friend from a psychic vampire, but struggles with her own angst, unrequited love. 

I'm a new writer, anxious to find the right agent who is excited about a new direction in mainstream paranormal romance and wants to get in on my ground floor, as I have a ton of innovative novels waiting to be written.  The hardest part will be choosing which one to write next.  But I've written several screenplays, common sense would suggest I chose one of them.  This first novel is translated from my first screenplay. 

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Re: Introduce yourself

13 Years Ago

Hello, I am sorry to find this group is so member small. I have studied the paranormal extensively since I was 14 years old and only now almost 30 years later have decided to write a book on the subject. I have yet to get any structure to the book although have about 3000 words that will be in it somewhere.
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Re: Introduce yourself

11 Years Ago

Hello, I am Ron,

I am trying to find my type of fiction somewhere and this came kind of close.  I do have an interest in the paranormal but more towards things like psychics and ghosts, more along Spirituality and miracles as opposed to the Occult and the Supernatural.  I guess my writing is focused more on Spiritual Inspiration so I don't see myself in the Occult area or the Christian area.  I consider my writing more contemporary with a peak at things like Spirit and energy, thoughts on how humans and the Universe are all connected (pantheism).  I don't have anything against Urban fantasy and for example I love the plot line of your story Rachael but since there is no genre yet for my type of writing, I would like to start here.  I have written one novel about a young man who has the ability to heal people through the touch of his hands and the Will given to him by Spirit but he abuses the power and heals people he shouldn't because he suffers inside from the untimely death of his wife and child.  It needs a lot of revision and editing and I have gone on to other material (currently working on a novel about a cabdriver/philosopher who through chance encounters in the taxi transforms his life.).

Look forward to meeting others.

Good day