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Hi Members! I'm New.

15 Years Ago

Hi Members of the "Poetry in Response" group! I'm new to WritersCafe & this group.

I'm just stopping by to extend my hand in friendship. I look forward to meeting each of you.

I invite you to stop by my profile, anytime. Read, Comment, Listen to Music, Review, or Just simply say Hello.

This is my first "Poetry in Response" entry into my book titled the same. I thought this would make it easy to keep track of poems written on behalf of this group. Then I can organize poems into chapters. Each poem I write will include the Author and Poem to which I am responding.

Above is the link to the beginning of the first chapter.

Peace n Light,

Wicahpi Iyozaza

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15 Years Ago

This is my Second Poem written in response to

White Rabbit's poem, "Doggy Beautitude"


This is my new  "chapter" in my Poetry in Response  book