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Pieces from Ashire

13 Years Ago

Well, this is my first real group that I've taken interest in that I've joined, so I figured I'd start off by posting one of my favorite pieces. This piece, to me, is amazing, because of what it represents. It is very much a slap in the face to anyone who matches its subject matter. The best thing about it though, is that the guilty see themselves and the innocent see the guilty.


Now, why all this hate?
Why must you constantly discriminate?
How can you see me, being me,
Yet feign acceptance with hypocrisy,
Create another controversy,
And scream, "This is idiosyncrasy!"
Syncratic, yet dramatic.
Claiming movement, yet so static.
This is all a convolution.
It's an illusion. There is no solution.
Using all people for what you can gain,
I detect no respect and its driving me insane.
Give the respect and earn what you reap.
There is no honor in a world of deceit.
You are no soldier and you fight for no cause.
You fight for your addiction to people, but did you ever just stand there and pause
To think of the pain that burns in your wake?
When the finger's on you, oh, its a mistake.
Everyone's at fault, but you, and its burning.
You know the truth, but you're not concerning
Yourself with the details lit by your fire.
Your devotion to YOU is your only desire.
So remember that pain that burns in your wake.
Everyone knows it, but you. You're a fake.