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Does Age Count?

15 Years Ago

Has anyone else had this problem?

I don't know about you, but I have been having a real problem with other writers on this site.  I give them an honest review, not the usual "OMG I luv ur poem" that Myspace poets and other sites usually give out.  

I am 19, and a first year college student, majoring in creative writing.  I've already had work shop experiences, worked for two years on a project focused on publishing and writing, and was recently published in a lit journal.

Yet even here I get the comments back where someone states, to put it simply:  
"I if wanted advice from a teenager, I would ask for it."

I do not understand why people are taking my comments so seriously, as if I was attacking them, not commenting on their work.  Or why they think posting their work on a public site means they will only get good, encouraging reviews. 

To my knowledge I have never been insulting in my comments to other writers. 

I know I shouldn't bring this up here, that this must not be the right place for it, but this is not the first time someone has done this to me, or even followed my links off site and left some distasteful remarks on my blogs/website.  I block the users, but they just keep popping up.  I'm just trying to be honest and state my thoughts in a non-offensive way.

Has anyone else had this problem?