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Latest site update/latest poem selections

11 Years Ago


Please find below the link to this month's great Poem of the Month, along with poem selections, and favorite writers so far this period.
We have also included a few updates re search engine ranking and our poetry network over at ning.

Please don't forget to check out our new Poetry Network 
There are now 323 writers involved- and plenty of cool apps etc to keep you entertained. Also, for the moment- all poems posted on the Network will be considered for inclusion on the main site, poetrydances.com. One member recently got discovered up by agent who was looking over the network site - and is now being represented for a publishing contract ( more on that story to follow).

We are still being returned 5 times on page one of Google.com out of over 18M results for the search Great Poetry Networks-here is the Google link. We're also returned on page one of many other main search sites for the same search.

The search read great poetry pulls us up on page one of Google.com too- out of 58.2 M other results!

That's all folks for a little while-
regards and good luck to you!


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