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Deep within

8 Years Ago

Deep within, where tears can not reach and eyes can not see. Where pretence is felt and loneliness experienced. That is where i shall hide my pain. I may be called an introvert and a nerd, nouns are just naming words, they do not describe. There where blood can not reach and oxygen can not go through, i have told our story over and over again. My heart is cloudy, my tongue pregnant with words. My mouth is sore, I wish to express what is deep inside. I have no guts, yes that i know. I'm too weak to hold your hand and tell you to stay, i'm too shy to even say. But dear, deep within. That is where i will store up my pain until i find courage, but believe me, when that day comes, i shall smile and tell you; its from deep within!

Re: Deep within

5 Years Ago

SIMPLY beautiful.. I could truly feel your words!!!