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14 Years Ago

I like this groups title. lol Also my writing is sort of at a stand still because I dont have time any more to write and it's killing me. :( is anybody elses? When I do have time I cant think of what ot write about. I'm starting to get frustrated that i dont have time to express any of my feeings on paper. ANY ADVICE??????? Oh am I the first person to post a forum for this group? cool :) lol

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Yeah, it's cool. Me and Shari were talking on messenger I said something that ryhmed and I was a I'm a poet and I didn't know, well maybe I do. I'm just a poet in disgiuse. That's how it got started.

Yes, well you are luckier than I am. I have all the time in the world and I like to over think. So now I strated doing something bad. That you used to do and I was lectured by Shari.

Well I don't know how to solve your time problem but use your frustration in your writing. You could write about not having time to write.

*Claps wildly (because you were the first to post)*

<3 Kat. (I think my nickname might be offencive to some people so I didn't put it on here.)


14 Years Ago

First of all, Hello! I'm brand new to this group. This is an old post and probably doesn't matter what advice I have now..lol. When I feel like I cannot write anymore because the muse went on vacation or I don't feel inspired, I start a contest. Usually it's a photo prompt contest. My suggestion is do an image search on google or wherever and pick something that floats your boat at that moment and write something about it. If you do not have that much time to write; try writing a Haiku, or a Cameo. They are short and usually take no time to write. Start a poetry book on the Cafe and each morning when you wake up, add one. Cameos are fun to write!