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A Prayer for God to be Near

14 Years Ago

Have you ever felt unloved? Like the world and everything else in it has just taken everything from you with no thanks in return. The stress of everything has piled up on you so high that you even slightly wonder if God is even there.

In Psalm 13 David shows that he has had that same problem. Through his trials He cries out to the Lord asking, "how long will you forget me?" How long does my heart have to hurt? People against me will feel as if they have won and be happy cause I am defeated!!!

That is something we all do in our times where we feel that we just can not take it anymore. What I do want to point out is what David did at the end of Psalm 13, something we all forget to do. He trusted in the Lord!!! He goes on to sing to the Lord. "I trust in your love" in the act of his faith and trust in the love of the Lord our God, his heart became happy again because he realized that God has saved him. His song became happy because God took care of him and was doing it all along.

In your times of sorrow how deep is your trust in the Lord?

How many times do you just look up and say to God, I know Im going through something right now but I Thank You for loving me enough cause it could be worst?

Is your faith in the love of God as strong as you think it is?

The answer to those questions are for you and God only. Keep your head up through those tough times and remember even if you can't tell right off back God is there and he has already made a way out for you.

God Bless!!!