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Chapter 1 :- (Rough draft),min dialogues

13 Years Ago

Krishna stood by the great ocean. it was raining heavily with each drop hitting his face like tiny bullets. It was a wild stormy day just like the torment in his heart. Confused he stood there, he knew something was missing in his heart. He had not known for how long he was standing there.
A vehicle just braked behind him. from the car a healthy big boned individual came out. He moved towards Krishna and stood by his side, took out a small bottle of whiskey drank it and pushed it towards Krishna. Krishna didn't move he was in a different world, lost. Big guy did it again, now a little harder than the first time.
"We have to go Krishna, we have work to do." He said with worry in his voice.

"What happened Bala? What's the hurry?" he said as he stood there unflinching as a rock.

Slowly Krishna looked towards him as if waking up from a dream. He had this unusual silence in his face these days as if someone had robbed him of his emotions.
"Don't you remember we have a delivery to make" Bala barked with a tone of urgency "and we are late."
"Lets go then" he said still with no emotions in his face as he raced swiftly towards the van.
Bala followed him. They both got into the van. Krishna didn't drive so Bala took the steering. It had been many days since Krishna was like this uninterested in everything.

The Krishna he met 10 years earlier was not like this. Krishna was younger than him but stronger and smarter, contrary to hisself. like a wild wind Krishna was.
He always followed Krishna wherever he went and whatever he did. Krishna was his only family and so was he Krishna's.

They stopped just before a big bungalow.