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Odd, random facts, truths, and advice

14 Years Ago

1) Though you may be tempted, do not pet the Dingos.

2) Swans are beautiful, but they're evil. Do not approach the swan unless you have a death wish.

3) The snail mating ritual is composed of hours of circling and jabs with pointed appendages.

4) The flatworm, when mating, becomes involved in an intricate battle deemed "Penis Fencing" by scientists everywhere. And no, I did not make that up.

5) The platypus is adorable, but do not approach! They are poisonous.

6) When a monkey smiles, it dreams of biting you.

7) The garter snake, when mtking, gathers in groups of thousands and has gigantic orgies.

8) I Must be a pervert, knowing these things.

9) No I'm not, I learned all this today!

10) A pigeon named Cher Ami saved many soldiers. Please honor this forgotten hero. Amen, pigeon friend.

I hope you aren't offended, but I do hope you giggled at least. Life is fun!

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14 Years Ago

wonderful stuff
why be offended LOL


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14 Years Ago

all I can say is, very educational. :D