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A Teen Yet To Be Seen...

11 Years Ago

She was 15.
Her life was perfect until 7th grade.
Her friends went on a webcam with strangers and use to talk with them.
From then onwards, her future was forever changed.
A man pressured her to do something in front of the camera, and she did a year later.
Then, she received a Facebook message from some stranger saying if she did not put on a "show" for him, then everyone would see the picture of her flashing her chest.
Over Christmas Break, the police came to her house at 4 A.M saying that her picture was sent to everybody.
She then got really sick and had major depression and panic disorders.
Todd then moved to a different school.
A year after moving, it was going good until the man on Facebook came back and used the picture of her chest as a profile picture.
She lost all of her respect, her friends, and cried every night.
Amanda then did a big thing.
She made a "huge mistake" and "hooked up" with a boy at her school who had a girlfriend, but who she believed really liked her.
A week later, she then got a text telling her to get out of school and then a group of students, led by the boy's girlfriend, surrounded her at school and said, "Look around, nobody likes you."
A person then yelled, "Just punch her already!" so the girlfriend did.
She threw her on the ground and got punched plenty of times.
Kids filmed it.
She drank bleach when she got home and then had to be rushed to the hospital to get it out.
"After I got home, all I saw was on Facebook--'She deserved it. Did you wash the mud out of your hair? I hope she's dead,'" she wrote.
Amanda moved to a different school in a different city, but the torture still continued on Facebook.
"Every day, I think, why am I still here?" she asked towards the end of the video. "I'm stuck. What's left of me now? Nothing stops. I have nobody. I need someone. My name is Amanda Todd."
She then killed herself on October 11, 2012...

R.I.P Amanda Todd