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I WOULD LOVE SOME REVIEWS! I WILL REVIEW BACK (Geniune Critiques Please not Flattery)

5 Years Ago

Hi! Would love some in depth reviews on any of my poems. please if you want go down the list and a pick an old one. Any name that jumps out at you! I do not write in solely one style. If you leave a review I promise I will review back ASAP but im looking for ACTUAL REVIEWS please :) "thats awesome I love how you used words and stuff.." just doesnt cut it for a review back. Telling people just what they want to hear and not how you really feel about a piece never made anyone a better writer :P I m looking for reviews based on flow, phrasing, impact, depth and/or what your interpretations of the meaning. I will leave the same quality of review for you! Thank you!

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