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When You Least Expect It

8 Years Ago

I had heard the saying, "Love comes, when you least expect it,"  I wasn't searching for love or expecting love to come to me in 2009. I had a few very close friends, who meant the world to me. We gathered several times a week, sharing a meal and playing cards. A few of my male friends would help me out, when I needed anything heavy done. I am disabled from a back and neck injury. Twelve surgeries later, I was lucky to be walking. Chronic pain is a daily visitor.

One day, I dropped by one of my girlfriend's house for a minute. She introduced  her friend, Tom, to me. I took special notice of his eyes and smile. He was a cutie! However, that's as far, as I let my thoughts go. After all, I wasn't getting any younger and with my disability, I couldn't stand or walk for any normal amount of time; so, I didn't exactly feel like I was girlfriend material...and there is the chronic pain.

A week went by and I'd be lying, if I said that Tom hadn't crossed my mind. Then, there he was, at my door with another mutual friend! I offered refreshments and we visited for an hour or so. The more I talked with Tom, the more I liked him. I found out we both had suffered fractured necks! His understanding  of the problems I still suffered from it, was very compassionate. Unlike Tom, I wasn't able to look up or to the right or left, very far.

One night, I had a gathering of friends at my house. We were talking, when I heard a knock at the door. i was pleasantly surprised to find Tom at the door. I invited him in and he joined the gang in the living room. As the evening progressed, I kept finding myself looking at Tom.

Now, you'll just have to trust me, when I say that I am not a flirt. In fact, the art of flirting is something, I rather lack. However, I kept making eye contact with Tom, because I felt a special connection with him. Throwing shyness to the wind, I walked over and sat by him. I felt he liked me being there, next to him. Later, when everyone else left, Tom stayed.

And he's been with me, ever since that night. My sweet, handsome, considerate, loving Tom accepts and loves me, disabilities, and all. It's no big deal to Tom, to accommodate my needs. We wanted to go to Disneyland and I worried how I would hold up. No problem; a motorized cart and I was good to go. We like garage sales and it has never bothered Tom, when I have reached my physical limits and we had to stop. We like to go to the drive-in and hope they never close the only one left in town. 

We crack each other up and there are times, we both feel like we are nineteen, again. However, those times are a little too personal to write about!

I believe that saying, because love came, when I least expected it!