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Tell me about yourself.

11 Years Ago

I want to know the top ten most important things that you are willing to share with me and the members of this group. List form please. Any length. I will read them all and tell you about my self in time. Please have patience friend. -Mae

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11 Years Ago

i fell in love last year.
i'm a Christian.
i was in depression for a year.
i got my heart broken.
i started cutting myself.
i started praying for death.
i took some pills.
i told my pastor everything.
i'm recooperating now.

yup that's me in a nutshell

Reply to free ronnie radke!!!

11 Years Ago

I fell in love with a boy named Jeremy last year
I'm a Catholic
I've been in depression for a while now
Jeremy cheated on me with my best friend. He broke my heart so badly.
I still cut myself
I've prayed for death to find me as well
I've never taken pills
I'm to afraid to confess
I am recovering slowly. But I'd rather be just a little happy than 100% doom and gloom
Life in a nutshell indeed. Thank you for sharing with me.

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11 Years Ago

1. Call Me Mae :]

2. English is my first language, then it'd be spanish or german

3.  I was born in New Hampshire and raised in Delaware and Nebraska

4. I have no children

5. I have no grandchildren

6. I've never been married but I'm very sorry for your loss. I may not be able to empathize but I can sympathize

7. I absolutely love to read. Mostly romance or love stories I write mostly poetry but I am writing a book currently.

8. I've been writing practically all my life.

9. I don't even know what my first poem was. lol.

10. By creator you do mean God right? Oh yes I have a very interesting with him too. I don't know what I think of life right now.






Now for ten things about me.

1. Music is my life. It's an absolute obsession of mine.

2. I love to sing and write poetry

3. I love to perform in front of people. I love the adrenaline.

4. My favorite colors are purple and lime green.

5. I love my friends and my family but one of my more close friends and I are having some issues. So... moving on.

6. I'm probably the most unshy person around. If I have something to say I'll most definately say it.

7. Posers and labelers are annoying and I hate them. I get annoyed very easily.

8. I am terrified of claymation. You know movies like "Coraline" or "Nightmare before Christmas" They give me nightmares

9. I have been heart broken many times and am trying to recover.

10. My past has been awful and if you want to know why just read the story on my list of writings labeled "We live in fear, everyday of our lives"


Thank you for sharing with me.




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11 Years Ago

1. First off people say I'm indecisive. I was told most recently by brice ( my coworker/ frenemy) although my sister will probably remind me quite shorthly hereafter.

2. I stay pretty quite at school and so i have like one friend there. i used to have two but they hated each other. (you can guess what happened)

3. I have a nonexistent lovelife, i'm not embarrassed to admit it. It's not that I don't want one, but perhaps that everytime i ask to go out my stepdad throws a fit and my mom gives into him. While i've never given them a reason to distrust me, i find my self saying more and more, " I'm sorry I can't go"   and there's only a number of times that will past before a guy just gives up.

4. Sometimes I feel I'm defined by my sister (zaddie), although we're very different her choices seem to mold my life.

5. I have two sisters (regina 22, zaddie 21) and one brother (raylee 13) that's just counting the ones that live with me, and I can only stand one of them. Coinciedentally, it's the one i room with. Regina unique, raylee's too hyper, and zaddie...for lack of a lamer word she's the rebel.

6. I like to read, write, and draw so that's what you'd catch me doing on my weekends at home. (if i'm not at the movies)

7. I'm cursed with a conscience. (In other words, i haven't done alot of things)

8. I claim no religion at the moment.

9. I never asked for death. (I figure you guys are stuck with me, heheh.) 

10. I'm not as cool as I sound! (now that can't be good ;) )

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11 Years Ago

1. I am the same person as free ronnie radke
2. I'm obsessed with rock music
3. I have an internship at HM Magazine at the end of the year
4. I heart Pon and Zi
5. Everyone calls me emo.
6. Jumbie is my favorite airplane
7. I just lost The Game
8. I love lamp.
9. I want to go to the Warped Tour
10. I am graduating in like, 40 something days!!!!

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11 Years Ago

I can't say I'm too much like you. But we do have our similarites. I too have two sisters of the ages 22 and 21. I have a brother as well at the age of 17 almost 18. I ignore my consience as much as I can. Just sort of tune things out. I am a very independent person. No one molds my life other than myself. But that's just me. I can only stand two of my siblings. The 21 year old is a little... how would you say...... awful. But I've learned to cope.


Thank you for sharing with me.

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11 Years Ago

I too am very similar to free ronnie radke!
You know already that music IS my life. And no less.
That's very cool that you have that internship. I am currently unemployed. I send my best wishes to you.
I don't have a clue who those two are. Share with me!
I have only been called emo jokingly. People don't get to see the darker side of my life. I'm good at tuning the lesser parts of my life out.
I've never heard of Jumbie. And I was curious as to what that was. So thanks!
What game?
I've heard of the warped tour. For some reason I'm thinking that's to the band brokencyde. Am I right?
I'm graduating in a few years. But congratulations!!!