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Christian referrals needed (novel research)

17 Years Ago

Fellow Christian Writers: I am working on a novel and would like to interview Christian members of law enforcement-- both male and female. Do any of you know someone from the following divisions: threat assessment management - stalking - computer crimes? These are areas that I need more research and development, from which I can then write from a more authentic voice. Any and all help would be completely confidential.

Please reply via our 'private message system or here's my outside email address: [email protected]

I've begun the novel and have Part 1 posted here at the Cafe.
Working title is: "THIS IS HOW I SEE IN THE DARK" and here's the link to view same...
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You are greatly appreciated for any help. Get out your tux or LBD 'cause you're all invited to the Oscar's! Thanks! --Debra