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Online Safety/Conduct Agreement for "Rimrock Voices" Group

13 Years Ago

Welcome to the Rimrock Voices group on the Writer's Cafe; an online part of our Creative Writing Class.  Please read the online safety/conduct agreement and have both yourself and your parents sign it.  Hopefully this will be an exciting opportunity for you to collaborate with your peers in creating work.   Here are the following guidelines I've suggested:
Be Selective
For the duration of this Semester, only choose members of the “Rimrock Voices” writer’s group as your ‘online friends’ to preserve both your own and your group members’ anonymity. Additionally, both using the Writer’s Café mail function, as well as reading the writing from other Writer’s Cafe members is discouraged off campus, and is prohibited while on campus.
Stay Anonymous
Don’t ever tell anyone online your real full name, your parents’ names, your home address, your school name or location, your phone/mobile numbers, social security & credit card numbers, If someone asks you for this info don’t give it to them and report the incident to your parents, your teacher (Mr. C-D) and then select “Block Writer” on their profile.
Keep your Password to Yourself
Friends don’t ask friends to share passwords. If you give your password to someone they will have access to all of your account information and your inventory items. Not to mention, you’ll be held responsible for anything they do while using your account. CCHS employees will never ask you for your password.
Don’t Respond to Nasty Comments or Actions
If a mean or inappropriate comment or action is directed at you the best thing to do is ignore it and select “Block Writer” on their profile.
Trust your Instincts
If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, use the “Block Writer” button on their profile window and report the incident to your parents, your teacher (Mr. C-D) and then select “Block Writer” in your profile. If you ever get really scared you should log off immediately. Don’t worry about seeming rude. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable they’re the ones being rude. Remember, in The Writer’s Cafe the exit is only a click away.
Keep your Parents in the Loop about The Writer’s Cafe
Tell your parents about your Writer’s Cafe group. Show them around every now and then. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help when you need it.
Beware of Online Advice Givers
The best place to seek advice for really serious issues like depression, health problems, or trouble at home or at school is a trusted adult offline. Beware of anyone online who claims to be a counselor or therapist wanting to help you with these types of issues. They may not really have your best interests in mind.
If it Sounds too Good to be True it Probably is
Don’t believe anyone in The Writer’s Cafe who tells you they are a famous celebrity or writer. You may really want it to be true, but it’s best to be skeptical of these claims, especially if they ask for your password or for personal information. The same goes for anyone who tells you they are a modeling agent, music agent, or movie agent.
Use Mr. C-D as a resource/sounding board

For your convenience, Mr. C-D will patrol this site every 2-3 days in order to check for assignment fulfillment, content, and appropriateness of comments. However, as this body of work will become very large over a short period of time, it is the responsibility of the student to report any issues as mentioned above to Mr. C-D

By signing below, I signify that I have both read and understand the above guidelines. Additionally, I commit to following them faithfully for the duration of the class.

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