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10 Years Ago

I thought it might be a good idea to post something along these lines. I belong to a support forum for self injury, but often feel hemmed in by the "trigger warnings" that need to be on nearly everything. I'm not saying that the warning are a bad thing. On a forum such as that, they are extremely important. If you feel the need to place a trigger warning on a piece of your work, then please feel free to do so. This, however, is not a rule that you must.

I often do not remember to place a warning on my work, as it usually shows it's head on Writers Cafe. Writing is how I vent, so I don't bother to censor myself. Basically, there are no rules, per se in this group. Should I see that there is a necessity then I will add rules. Until then, write and add as you will.

N. Strong aka Alkatraz