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What's your take on FTL drive?

14 Years Ago

I've recently begun a book that may include FLT spaceships.  Thing is, I've been careful up until now to keep it Science Fiction in the strictest sense.  So is FLT flight fantasy or just too advanced for our current mentality?

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13 Years Ago

At this point, most scientists aren't willing to accept the possibility of FTL travel even in the distant future. But it will happen eventually. Hopefully...

Re: What's your take on FTL drive?

11 Years Ago

Two branches to this question. First is straight forward, how fast can you travel in normal space? Second is not so direct, can we modify space in some way to travel great distances by going into some alternate space/time so the apparent outcome is FTL travel?
I think the discovery of the existence of  black hole activity indicates that it will be more likely some form of alternate space will be utilized for large distance travel. A similar or parallel idea is that as an object starts to approach a significant percent of light speed a warping of normal space would result in the development of a sort of pressure wave ahead of the craft that would eventually fold in on itself allowing for the detachment of this bubble from normal space/time. This warped bubble will thin be free of normal space/time limitations. The math is already being tested (or will be soon tested) at CERN. The same idea also applies to some particle movements that appear to skip track.
And then again I could have totally missed the question altogether and be way off base. In that case. Never mind.