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Sex Education Day
How archaic notions of sexuality and virginity are foisted primarily on girls.

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Submit Your Writing!

9 Years Ago

Hello All!

Please feel free to submit any and all of your writing to this group, every day I will pick a new piece (and author) to feature.

Submitting your writing allows for your fellow group members to see your writing, and to review and critique it. To submit writing, follow these simple instructions:

1. Go to the Writing tab at the top of the Group Page.

2. In the 'Select a Work' dropbox, choose your piece of writing.

3. Click the Submit button.

4. Repeat for all pieces you wish to submit to the group.

There is no limit on how many pieces of writing you can submit to the group. All writing is approved by the group moderator (Miss Evans), and should be published to the group within a few days (or moments, if she is online).

Welcome to the Group, Happy Writing!

Miss Evans
Group Founder