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RULES - Read Before Writing!

9 Years Ago

Rules to this chain novel experiment:

[x] There will be a total of 25 chapters. (Unless too many people are writing one sentence at a time...then it may be longer.)

[x] Chapters can be any length. If you want to write a 3 sentence chapter, that's fine. But please don't write a whole separate book as a "chapter".

[x]  Chapters must continue with the same characters/plot as previous chapters. In other words, if I write about Billy the Plumber, you shouldn't write about Bella and Edward...unless they call Billy to fix their toilet. (This doesn't mean you can't add new characters - of course you can!)

[x] On that note, chapters must be ORIGINAL! No fan fiction. This shouldn't be hard. Your chapters can be as short as you like (1 sentence minimum, though) so I'm sure you can think of something.

[x] Feel free to write in any genre you want. You're not restricted in terms of genre. So if I start out with a horror story, you can turn it into a western. Or a romance. Or a space opera. You get the idea.

[x] All chapter content must be [at most] rated teen. This means no "Mature" content. Drug references, language, alcoholism, allusions to sex are okay. No smut/erotica, please! I don't know who's joining this group, who's going to be reading this and want to try and keep it age-appropriate to most Writers Cafe members so PLEASE, use some common sense and keep it PG-13.

[x] Each person will have one week to complete their chapter.

[x] Chapters will be sent to me via email at [email protected] IF YOU TAKE LONGER THAN ONE WEEK, I'm afraid I'll have to give your chapter to the next person. Sorry, but that's the way it works. If you'd like an extension or whatever, message me and I'll give you a couple of extra days. But if I don't hear from you in a week, I'll have to re-assign your chapter.
(This may seem a bit harsh but being strict on this is really the only way I can keep this going and not have it die.)

[x] I will update the book (which will be posted on this group under my account) weekly.

[x] This isn't really a rule (nor was the last one a rule) but all of your names/usernames will be posted in the beginning of each chapter so that everyone gets credit where credit is due.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions! :)