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poems, too?

10 Years Ago

This is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but what is the purpose of posting poetry on a group that is for "sharing the outline of your story, and giving information you know you will add and sharing you plot"?  Are we supposed to do the same thing for other people's poems that we would do for fiction - discuss the plot (not all poems have them) and how that is developed in each stanza, or something like that?  I'm confused.  (Please understand that I don't review poetry, so I don't know how it is normally handled anyway.)

Re: poems, too?

10 Years Ago

well i created this group for fiction, but i gues theres a way to incorprite poetry? dunno. Nonobdies stopping them, sooooo . . . .  GO ON WITH YO BAD SELVES!!!!!!   (eh, but i agree. Most poems don't have 'plots or 'themes')