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15 Years Ago

She ran, and ran, and ran. She did not know how long she had been running, but she knew she could not stop. The night was closing in, and they were right behind her, running too. She idly wondered why she had not already been captured. Had her wings not been wet from the rain she would have flewn. But she was running, and panting, and finding it very hard to keep herself going. The stars burned over her head, and the moon made for the perfect spotlight, so that her persuers could not lose her.

She ran, and ran, and ran....

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15 Years Ago

(ooc. Alright let's try this then!)

It didn't take long for Bethalynn to find where the mob had started chasing her companion, damn them! You'd think that of all the creatures on this green Earth an angel would be safe, but apparently not. Hoping that she wasn't too late Bethalynn spread her wings and took flight.