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Influences From Music

15 Years Ago

I'd like to post
a begining thread
everybody in the group
takes a little time
and just writes about music
how it influenced your life
maybe write about one specific day
an occurance

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15 Years Ago


I walked back to my room thiss morning
cold air outside again
last night was not so cold until about three thirty
walking to 2040 from george webs
came back inside my room this morning
three empty fortys or old english laying on the floor
one guitar on the couch
one guitar against the closet
cigarrette pack on my desk
and a lighter behind my bed on the window sill
i came inside my room and set my groceries down
its the first time since i have been back to school
that i bought myself some food
lets see what we have got
three super sized Cup Noodles
one pound beef sticks
one package of sudafed
one package of honey flavored cigars
which i bought because i thought the packaging looked cool
i think i might keep it around
I came inside my room
set the groceries down
and hopped onto my computer
i looked for missed messages from
some of the people last night i said i would see again
but couldn't
and it's too long of a story to explain
so i will not bother you with it
so i came inside my room
set my grceries down
hopped onto my computer
resoponded to some missed messages
and then walked over to the couch
picked up my guitar and started playing
a smile that explodes
last week
Mike told me to get a voice coach
then laughed when i got pissed and told him
"get the f**k out of my room a*****e"
so i picked up my guitar
and started playing a smile that explodes
something strange happened then
which reminded me of all the days durring highschool
and a few times since then
that i smoked weed
and burned myself into a high
i don't know what happened
but i was playing thru the chorus
and i just kept the guitar going
over and over and over
in rythem
seemed like close to perfect rythem
only "close" because i am human and not a computer
and then
instead of singing the lyrics
i would hold out long "oh no!"s thru the beat of the chorus
i guess that is like a mantra
i kept saying "oh no!" in melody
over and over and over again
and what happened after that
i started hearing my voice
like i never had before
i was hearing what was resinating well
and what was getting muffled due to poor pronounciation or support
and then i started fixing my voice
i sang the lyrics
"to young to fall"
i pronounced every syllibal like a dictionary would teach
proper pronouciation
i heard my voice
and when i talk and sing
my voice has a drawl to it
it isn't a southern drawl either
because i was born and raised in the upper mid west
West Allis
currently reside
and found my voice
in milwaukee
after i heard myself
i heard why it is i didn't sound bad before
but still sounded amaturish
is because i don't have control over myself
i found the steps to take control
zone in
hear my voice
what i want my voice to immitate
which has been a pitfall for me on more than one occasion