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Teen Life : Forum : Blades and My Parents

Blades and My Parents

8 Years Ago

Blades seem like my only friend anymore and my parents could give too s***s about me. I hate my life. My parents make me sick. I have 3 sisters and they're their angels. But when it comes to me HAHAHA its like I'm invisible. I hide in my room every night and just cut. And the funny thing is no one notices that I'm constantly wearing a sweatshirt around the house and when we go out when its 80 degrees outside. My life is kinda fucked up too. My mom almost died 7 times. She was an alcoholic. She basically tried drinking herself to death but her liver failed and she started puking blood. I'm pretty scarred from that. And That's when I turned to my blades to be my friends. I know they wont judge me like everyone else...