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Um , Help ?

10 Years Ago

Okay so i needed some help in writing a TeenFiction book on another site called Wattpad (if you don't know it check it out, IT'S AWESOME) and i wanted to ask some writers about a character creation and Accidentally i found this site ! AND IT'S SO COOL .

back to the point , i wanted a little help from  someone and i found this group of teen people , which i guess can help me !. Don't take it as a silly Question please cause i really am confused and i want to hear your Opinions . 

My main Character in the story i'm writing is a girl called Autumn . But i can't choose a proper last name . I was thinking about 'Archer' Or 'Cassidy' but then i had an idea , maybe i can call her 'Autumn Leaves' . Ironic i know but this may add a funny part in the book im planning to write. So, what do you think ? 
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Re: Um , Help ?

3 Years Ago

Imagine getting a reply 6 years later