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Introduce Yourself :Here:

10 Years Ago

Introduce yourself; I want to know you, (1) Name? I'm sure you have one, whether real or imagined. (2) What Genres are you interested in, Poetry? Fiction? and which sub-genres? Do you like the gore in Horror Writing? The Beauty in Romance? (3) What's your favourite piece of work you've written? Favourite by someone else? (4) Who inspires you? or what inspires you.

Most of all, (5) why do you write?

Re: Introduce Yourself :Here:

10 Years Ago

Hi, I'm Coral. Believe it or not, that IS my real name. :)
I love to write fictional books and poetry, though poetry is a more recent addition.. still working on it. I love to read just about anything good I can get my hands on, though I've noticed that it tends to trend towards classics, fantasy, and some sci fi. 
I don't really have a favourite piece that I've written.. I love the developing of "The Gardener", but I'm the only one who knows what's happening with the plot in the future, and right now it is still budding. My favourite book is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. If you haven't read it, you most definitely should.
It kind of blew my mind.
I have been writing for the majority of my life, but quite casually, and only really started focusing on it recently. Being a Junior in high school makes that difficult though. I wrote my first long-ish story when I was about 8, a fan fiction dedicated to Brian Jacques, the author of the Redwall series. 
I'm inspired by anything and everything. Oftentimes I'll be sitting in a square and will see something or someone and rip out my notebook and just start scribbling. Even when sitting with friends. It was quite alarming at first, I think for both of us. c:
I write because it's what I love to do. It's how I think, it's how I feel, it's how I express myself. 
So that's me. Yup. Coral.