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Senthamarai Swamy - The Guru of the Flowers

12 Years Ago

Very early in the Puranic history of the Indians, the Indian guru, Senthamarai Swamy, in associating with the flowers, birds and trees, formulated a view of the world, that was founded on the delicate nature of flora and fauna. It was the view of a paradise. Success was measured by the ability of the plant to produce flowers and then fruits, from which the seeds represented the continuity of life. A little bit more than flowers, the mind of man, sought to enhance that which was beautiful and pleasing to his senses. The tradition continues to this day in the writings of the pleasure principle in psychology. Such a meeting is indeed unique, for it unites the arts with the sciences, reason with passion. Such an event is what one poet at this site describes as ' sea meeting land.' We dearly hope it comes to pass in the mind of man.