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The Broken-Hearted Poet's Club : Forum : Dark Star

Dark Star

10 Years Ago

Dark star, you are the night
Destroyer of all hope and light
The messenger of deep despair
A taste of thick and stagnant air
Beelzebub's unholy bride
Who wildly laughs when tears are cried
And picks and pulls at broken hearts
'Til every dream of love departs

Dark star, Oh thief of breath
From honeyed lips the kiss of death
A devils' tongue that spits the lies
That wound the soul and dim the eyes
With reapers' call from velvet voice
A sirens song that clouds the choice
To fight and die, or run away
And live to love another day

Dark star, A heart of stone
That strips the flesh and grinds the bone
To nothing more than lifeless dust
You sap the faith and kill the trust
So twinkle, twinkle where you are
Oh darkened, cold and evil star
And maybe one night they will see
The side of you, you show to me