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' Emotions, Unglued '

11 Years Ago

A woman tattered and torn, wishing she had never been born; Terrified all the time, we've all heard of this kind; They beat and hurt the ones they say they love, she's thinking this time he'll send her above; Running and hiding is her life, he wonders why she won't be his wife; Tonight he seemed extra mad,  like he was losing his mind, so, so sad;  He kept calling time after time,  telling her everything will be just fine;  He scared her so much by what he had said,  She knew if she went home, she'd be dead;  The last thing he said to her, was 'after your dead,'  he'd  cut her in pieces and throw her in the river,  that's enough to make anyone quiver!  That very night while she was hidden away,  He told her 'when I see you your going to pay,'  Scared to death and not knowing what to say,  she learned, he took his own life the very next day;  If she had went home that fateful night,  She would have been part of that horrible sight;  Feeling guilty, and his family said she's to blame,  While she was being beaten, none of them ever came;  Soon she will see there was nothing she could do,  because it was him and only him that knew,  that killing himself is what he was going to do;  As time goes on, my friend will be just fine,  next time she will now see the signs;  When they treat you bad that very first time,  You need to leave the b*****d before you lose your mind....