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The Four Changeling Races

12 Years Ago

The Four Remaining Changeling Races: Reptilian:  There are two main varieties within the confines of the Reptilian race:  snakes and lizards.  Dragons used to be a commonplace, but after the Shifter War, it is said that they all died out.  Reptilians are known for their cold skin and need for warmth, especially during slumber.  They have been known to be a vile, mean tribe, mostly made of travelers and nomads.  However, within their own ranks, they are a lively, outgoing group, especially during celebrations. Avian:  Birds of prey are more common when it comes to the Avian race, though smaller birdsl like finches and sparrows are becoming increasingly pronounced.  They are lovers of all things elegant, and they do not bode well with confined spaces.  As a result, their homes are open and bright, with many windows and doors.  They love to flock together, especially during holidays, and keep to themselves often. <p>Feline:  These are the self-reliant bunch in the Changeling world.  Made of many feline viarieties, the Tigress, Pantherian, and Lioness families has survived the two hundred year, Shifter War.  Though they prefer to be by themselves, the Lioness family has been known to stick together in large houses, forming a pride.  They are serious folk, Felines, but once riled, they are a force to be reckoned with.</p> <p> Lupine:  The Lupine form of Changelings are the better known of the four.  Able to shift into wolves at will, they stick as close as any wolf pack will.  Though they are named after wolves, there are also other varieties, such as coyotes, dogs, and even hyenas.  They are a fun loving, playful set of people, with a strong sense of loyalty and family. </p> <p>***Mind you, though some breeds have been listed above, the shifters within the races do not pertain to strictly those in the information.  For example, in the feline section, lions, tigers, and panthers are mentioned.  However, that is not the only breed of Feline changeling there is.  Jaguars, house cats, and even linxes and cheetahs have been seen.