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can i ask you some questins

14 Years Ago

hay i want to know how you guys got tested for dislexia? and what spell checker works the best? and how did you tell your teachers you had dislexia? and do any of you have spelling dislexia? how much dose dislexia change your life as adults?(im 12) how did you do things differantly in skhool? how did you all become writers with dislexia?

ps srry bout all the questins but i realy need some help and who better to ask then writers with dislexia.

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Re: can i ask you some questins

11 Years Ago

Personally, I knew I had a problem when I was vary young. That was a very long time ago by the way. When I was in elementary school dyslexia did not seem to be in the dictionary. At that time (I’m talking in the 1950’s now) at least in my case I was simply labeled as, “stupid” and then put in a corner of the classroom away from the rest of the children. Happily, today that is not the case. Back in my day spell checkers were called, “Dictionaries”. There were no electronic devices to aide me as I had to look up every other word and it was very time consuming. By the time I found the word I was looking for my focus on my story was lost. Even now you can’t rely on spell checker alone, you have to use the (thesaurus) together with spell checker. I learned that the hard way. Kady do not despair, there are many famous people with dyslexia who have found ways to function despite this disability. Did you know that Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise, Jay Leno, Keanu Reeves, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Whilliams, just to mention a few all have dyslexia? Each and every one of these people has found their own way to work with dyslexia and that’s what you have do is find what works for you personally. One of the first things you should do is discuss this with your parents. With their help you can have them tell your teachers in school about your problem. Most schools have programs for dyslexic students and some can assist in finding places to get more help. What it boils down to though is finding what works for you personally. Good luck and I hope this helps. Always remember to tell yourself that you are worth it.