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A form in progress

15 Years Ago

I've kind of confused myself a bit with my attempts at this project.

I've heard a few times in lyrics something that always causes my ears to perk up, thought I'm never sure if it's done purposefully or not.

The only example I can think of is a song that I just realized I had misheard, Cuckoo Spitting Blood by Anathallo. I misheard the last two lines of the first verse as "Cuckoo I do say / Spit the blood of welling thoughts."

At the end of the line, my mind refused to stop at "thoughts," and instead added an "away," because I unthinkingly tried to predict the rhyme for "say."

"Cuckoo I do say / Spit the blood of welling thoughts away." While this doesn't fit as well metrically, it's what my mind wanted to do.

With this in mind, I started to write an invented form, beginning with a quatrain following the rhyme scheme ABCc, where the lowercase "c" represents the omitted thought intuitively understood end rhyme. I set the meter as 7-5-5-6, hoping to mirror that of the song as closely as possible while cutting short the last line to enhance the "abrupt stop" feel.

Of course, I double checked the lyrics on the song today. It actually goes like this:

"Oh, night set on when I fell down
In the corner of the field.
Cuckoo, I too sang,
Spit the blood of welling thoughts."

Eh, not quite the same, but I still hope to go with this, and possibly try to forget I ever read the actual lyrics.

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15 Years Ago

I'll think of a history later, but it'll probably have something to do with being lulled into a trance by the monotonous sound of an engine, and being jolted out of it by intermittent spurts.


I'm replying, rather than editing, because whenever I try to edit anything on her right now, the "post" button disappears and crap gets moved around. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just that I'm running Firefox on Ubuntu Linux?

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15 Years Ago

Or, perhaps, the sudden death of a poet while reading some of his work to a huge crowd.

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15 Years Ago

I really do like your concept, and find it funny that you just keep replying to yourself.

I'm interested to see how your history and actually piece turn out.