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12 Years Ago

At last

I pause at eventide

To take rest amidst the shadows

Of the setting sun


And as I watch

I cannot help but ponder�

What could be the meaning

Of the falling leaves before me

Returning gently to the earth

From whence they came


Are they as the fading memories

Of spring and summer days gone by

Or are they as a beckoning voice

Calling to me from the unknown ways

Of the dimming days

Which lie yet before me


And again, what impression rides

In the chill of the air

Which has returned to join, once again

The shadows of evening


Is it an answer to the muddled prayers

Of countless parched days and dusty ways

Or is it a subtle sign

Sent to urge and remind

That the days draw short

And winter�s night approaches



Yes, I sit and ponder

And in stillness watch

The final rays of light



That the darkness will lead

To the night�s dream

From whence the colored days

Of the morrow shall be born


                �Jeff Bresee