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a new way to "look" at haiku

13 Years Ago

hello everyone, i am tryin somethin new an "optic haiku" if you will the concept is the same as a haiku only using images and minimal sound,i have a new site dedicated to this on please check it out. i encourage all of you to get involved in this "Haiku Revolution" this may not be a new thing so if any of you guys and girls have seen or heard of this before please let me know so i can experience it for myself. it is very simple i use my palm pilot as my job no longer requires i be a slave to it. so i use the video camera to make seventeen to twenty second videos using three images one image for 5 seconds, the second image for 7 seconds and finally the third for 5 seconds with minimal sound. Not only is it fun it will shape up to be beautiful as the process progresses and i get better at it. i would love to see any that you all have made or do make please join me in this adventure and lets have fun and see the beauty of the world. until next time, Myk Malice.