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The Book of Death

11 Years Ago

Who were you bawling your eyes out over, and how did he/she die? Add to the Book of Death, where is recorded all the character deaths that people cry over! Book: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux Name: Erik (last name unknown)Date of Death: UnknownWay of Death: Broken HeartStory: He was deformed from birth and nobody loved him. He fell in love with a beautiful Swedish Soprano named Christine Daae and died after letting her elope with her true love, Raoul de Chagny. (I and all group members of this group do not own any content in this section of the group. All rights belong to original owners) 

Re: The Book of Death

11 Years Ago

Book: The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
Character: Kartik (last name unknown)
Date of Death: May 6th, 1896
Cause: He sacrificed himself to the Tree of All Souls in the Winterlands.
Story: Kartik was originally the Rakshana guardian of the British girl, Gemma Doyle. Kartik was supposed to watch her and make sure she didn't use her magical powers, inherited from her deceased mother who was a member of the Order and had access to The Realms. Kartik's older brother Amar was the guardian of Gemma's mother and died just before she perished. Despite having quite a few conflicts with Gemma at the beginning, Kartik became her ally and her lover. He wasn't always around when she needed him, but when her life was in danger, he sacrificed himself to The Tree of All Souls so that she could have the chance to restore magic to the Realms for all of its creatures to use.