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Control Room.

14 Years Ago

A maze of computers and alchemists steaming pots. A red light is flashing over a screen. He peers into it screwing up his face. "Malfunction. Morrison-Huxley Effect"
He bashes a computer screen beside it. It flickers into life. Grey pixallates into black and white. A face emerges. Sir Ian McKellan in a grey fedora.

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14 Years Ago

There's something wrong with the bloody thing again. I asked for a party and I got a huge empty room. The bloody Morriwobbly thingo again. Fix it.

Sir - What kind of a party?

Bloody Shanghai, bloody 1927. End of bloody civilization as we knew it.

Sir - Again (sighs)

Yes a bloody again!

Sir - Very well, Sir. Your wish is my command.

Good! (Storms off muttering toward lift)

Sir - For now.

crackle hiss.

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14 Years Ago


F**k. (alarms are going everywhere. Bashes the computer. It flicks into fuzzy staticy black and white life, text running morphing into Sir Ian McKellan.)

TEMP - Did she get there?

SIR I - Wait a minute. ( Leans and thumps his own screen which wobbles a vague picture of NANIE in a long purple gown, laughing.....)

TEMP - Alright. What's next?

SIR I - Nothing you can do old man I'm afraid. You're going to have to go through it again. But that is why you were chosen. You are the only one among us who can survive it. Remember the Wufnicks. You were the last survivor, that is why you were chosen, not by us, Remember the wufnicks......(flickers out)

(Staring blankly into the screen as it becomes a pinpoint of light and flickers out. He shakes himself, wipes his face (of sweat, of tears?). Straightens his shoulders as the lift door begins to close. Grabs his crotch and straightens the family jewels just as the door closes)

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14 Years Ago