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5 Years Ago



The seizure kicks the pupils back like clapping heals clicking to a sick tune,

As the sun out-shined the gloom of the moon above a foreshadowing holy ones tomb,

Nerves bend to the grinding of teeth for the floor only touches the head and heels of feet,

Lurking in a graveyard tattooed with scars of past mistakes it awaits for fate to return what rightfully it’s,

Lips try to whisper last rites but, merely bite like serpents partnered to fist clinch tight,

There’s a light that leads to clarity hidden in this mist that is needed for center when all surroundings are endless cliffs.

Tranquility is chased to the taste of bile, mind running so wild likening to a free spirited child,

Through the woods racing like a heart to a sick tune of heels clicking as pupils kick to a seizure of flicking lights under the moon.

Assume in this gloom that fate stands before a holy tomb,

Asking for forgiveness of past mistakes as the serpent lurks in the dark; awaiting.

But forsaken,

For the mist in this graveyard is out-shined by the lord’s light foreshadowing ones soul.

By The unknown sith